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the advantages and disadvantages of water heating
- Feb 08, 2018 -

The earth heating is divided into two types: water floor heating and electric ground heating. Electric heating and water floor heating belong to low-temperature radiation heating. They are all comfortable heating modes. Different from their heat sources, the system design is different. The suntai floor will comprehensively compare the advantages and disadvantages of electric heating and water heating from the perspectives of initial investment, installation, use and post-maintenance.

Advantages of water heating:

Water floor heating is no higher than 60 ℃ low temperature hot water as heat medium, by embedding the heating pipe in the floor to floor heating, evenly to the indoor heat radiation, is a kind of micro climate room for adjustable part of the part can be heating system. Where the floor is laid: water heating occupies a height of 6-8cm; Where floor tile is laid: water heating occupies a height of 4-5cm. Its advantages are as follows:

1. The heating furnace can solve the problem of water consumption at the same time, without paying extra money to buy the water heater.

2. If the heating area is large, the heating time is long, the installation cost is low, and the later use cost is low.

3. No radiation safety concerns.

4. Low operating cost.

Disadvantages of water heating:

1. The gas furnace has a large initial investment, which is not a good deal if it is only laid in small area.

2. It occupies 2cm higher than the electric heat.

3. The heat transfer rate is slower than the electric heating.

4. The boiler needs to be maintained, descaled, and the ground water pipes need to be cleaned.