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Solid wood flooring what type of material is good
- Nov 04, 2016 -

Solid wood flooring material is mainly wood flooring material determines the basic properties of solid wood flooring, when consumers buy solid wood floors are also a special focus on performance of solid wood flooring material, then what kind of material is good solid wood flooring? introduced solid wood flooring material types
1: first of all, we should learn to figure out how to identify the quality of solid wood flooring material. Solid wood flooring material is mainly through the following three points:
1). wood is heavy, hard: material heavy, hard wood flooring stability better than light, soft wood flooring, which is susceptible to bloat. For example: Ironwood, heavy wood ants, disc bean erythrophleum fordii, Acacia wood, ash (ASH), the couratari SPP to be hardened, solid wood flooring is not easily deformed and couratari SPP, ash, often in 1, after 2 years there will be cracks or local arch. Therefore, we can in accordance with the manufacturer information on air dry density of selected solid wood flooring solid wood flooring, air dry density of 0.8 per cent of solid wood flooring material is heavy, hard, and good stability.
2). timber oil: the better the material is not the heavy, hard, heavy, hard wood panels easy to fine cracks (not between the plate and the plate), air dry density over 1.0 floor be careful. However, if the wood oil (not the painted panels, sawn surface oil texture to the touch), better stability. Ironwood because oil is likely to fine cracks, apart from the first floor, and try not to shop. Wood ants, disc bean wood floors because oil good stability.