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Principle of color matching between the wood flooring and furniture
- Nov 04, 2016 -

1. with the color match
If you choose white/Brown matched furniture, Brown teak, two bean fin available match the solid wood composite wood flooring, choose imitation mahogany solid wood furniture, e Rubia ovatifolia wood, Balsam wood of red bean color to match the floor. The same hue, decoration style is strict, orderly atmosphere.
2. color match
If you choose black walnut veneer furniture, big Brown that Goa bean, Shuo Hua sang hue blending the floor, green handle. Near hue, decor is lively, harmonious and delicate.
3. compare color match
Such as selecting the Crimson color of antique furniture, some fashion family, will choose the pale yellow color of Maple floor color scheme. The floor in white in the color yellow, and deep red coordination of furniture in stark contrast. Contrast color matching, in principle, should be used with caution, the color scheme must to look professional or expert checks, color should have contrasting effects, but also relish the role of harmony.