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Multiply wooden raised floor environment
- Nov 04, 2016 -

1, multiply wooden raised floor there is no damage to the Environment Ecology; compared with solid wood flooring, and multiply wooden raised floor in addition to the surface using the rare tree species and the rest are constituted by fast-growing wood. So, multiply wooden raised floor will certainly be subject to global carbon consumers love; but compared with laminate flooring, and the wood that it is clearly more.
2, and multilayer wood floor in production process in the has no not environmental, like in production multilayer wood floor of when, if process behind will produced sewage, and exhaust or dust, this is in production process in the, to environment increased has burden; from this is for, more strength strong technology good reputation good of floor brand, production of multilayer wood floor more environmental; because strength good of good brand, to in production process in the guarantee multilayer wood floor environmental.
3, multi-layer solid wood flooring in the use of process, there is no harm to the environment, which is reflected in our pavement multi-layer solid wood flooring in the home will have an impact on health, it is of interest to consumers. As with the 2nd, only good flooring brands in order to ensure that in the process of using multiply wooden raised floor environment, so the flooring brand is very important to choose well.
4, multilayer parquet's unique structure makes it has many outstanding advantages, it also makes it inevitable in the production process must use a lot of glue, layer more used plastic water is. If you use poor quality glues, formaldehyde and other environmental issues is clear.