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How to tell the floor whether formaldehyde exceeds standard?
- Apr 07, 2018 -

We all know that the floor formaldehyde exceeds the harm to human body is particularly big, severe cases can cause a variety of sudden illness, so, we must be cautious when floor of choose and buy, so how to distinguish whether the floor formaldehyde to exceed bid? Let me introduce you.

How to distinguish the floor whether formaldehyde exceeds standard?

Formaldehyde, commonly known as formalin, is a colorless, strongly stimulating gas that is easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Formaldehyde effects on human health is mainly embodied in the abnormal smell, stimulation, allergies, lung, and abnormal liver function and abnormal immune function etc., strong toxicity of formaldehyde, release cycle is long (up to 8 to 15 years), in the north pass geothermal heat test, intensifying the harm of it, especially for the elderly, children, pregnant women, such as low immunity people harm is greater.

In our daily life, we will always hear some families because of formaldehyde pollution causes childhood leukaemia, affects children's intelligence immune system development and so on.

Most new houses are usually the home of the baby's future, and once it is not properly decorated, it will result in two or three generations, or even deeper influence and regret.

Therefore, the floor serves as the important adornment material of the family, affect the health of the family directly, the floor of a kind of zero formaldehyde is crucial to family.

In the floor, the main source of formaldehyde adhesive is used in the production process, due to the function of the strengthening plate of hardness and insect-resistant, anticorrosive, inevitable need to use the adhesive, the residual formaldehyde is inevitable.

Here warn broad customer, when choosing the floor, the first thing to see whether is normal manufacturer production, whether to have authority in the quality inspection report, 3 without the floor formaldehyde content is generally higher, second, open the floor moistureproof layer, base material, nose to smell smell of stimulus, with greater likelihood of formaldehyde. Base material is the important component of wood floor, it is the core factor that affects wood floor performance, base material directly decides the quality of floor.