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How to prevent wood flooring bacteria
- Nov 04, 2016 -

In order to prevent infestation of bacteria in our bodies the floor, wood floor in the use process, pay attention to the maintenance of the floor. In near balcony, and Windows of floor to avoid exposure, best in Sun strongly Shi pulled Shang thick curtains; second, avoid wet, avoid with wet MOP directly wipe, has water or other liquid food sprinkled in floor Shang Shi, to timely wipe dry, prevent too much of water penetration to wood floor layer, caused moldy, and rot, should using wood quality floor dedicated clean agent for clean, prevent floor cracked. Cleaning is important to ensure indoor environment healthy steps, in the case of floor gap should be cleaned to prevent accumulation of dirt. Clean the floor, cracking area focused on vacuum draw dust and debris, if they collect dirt unable to aspirate, or corners, difficult to clean up the place, you can use small brushes scrub the floor cleaner fungicide can also clean pouring disinfectant on the rag, wipe the floor directly.