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How does overhead floor construction overhead floor installation construction?
- May 18, 2018 -

Although say overhead floor is commonly used in the home decorate less, but still some families also be willing to use this kind of floor to undertake house to decorate. The overhead floor installation is not as simple as the general floor installation, it has higher requirements for floor construction, and needs to have a clearer understanding of the construction process and construction considerations. So, how does the overhead floor work when construction? What else should you pay attention to during construction? Below, the website tells you the construction technology and the construction attention of overhead floor, hope can help everybody.

Construction technology of overhead flooring.

1, overhead cleared the ground floor, observation room layout and installation of good level of infrared scanners, then halfway up on the walls around the good level, and then find out the room is relatively low and relatively high, calculating the average of the ground to the board face and the computation and good bracket height adjustment.

2, then choose a corner as a starting point, on the wall to find good thick according to metope level need height, 595 mm from metope place wax lines of the two parallel walls, tied to the la line is not easy to fracture and extension, must pay attention to the two vertical distribution.

3. After the parallel lines are pulled, the four brackets shall be screwed. After the height is determined, the first plate shall be laid, and the fixed screws of the beam and the bracket shall be tightened. After that, the flat plate shall be adjusted with a horizontal ruler, and the nut on the bracket shall be tightened later. After adjusting the first block, two rows of floors are laid vertically in the direction of the wax line.

4. After the floor of the vertical two row floor is finished, one direction should be adopted, (no more vertical laying). One row after another shall be laid parallel to the rear row. After finishing a row, should fix the Angle of the corner of the corner of the wall first, then cut the floor around. After fixed Angle iron, the small floor area that the fine quantity needs to cut, then cut the floor to lay, if need to install ground socket, use cutting machine according to actual dimension to open hole.

5. Edge of the floor, in the wall or door frame and post, depending on the actual size of the cutting board of the electric saw, or installation of the appropriate edge zero. The sealing door is made of stainless steel or Angle aluminum (rectangular) with glass glued or riveted. After the floor is finished, it is necessary to check in time, adjust the uneven place, and fill the gap left by the glass glue.

Construction precautions for overhead floors.

1. Be sure to deal with the cutting of the floor, and confirm that there is no sharp Angle or burr, so that people will not be injured when working. All the finished materials must be properly matched with the cutting holes to be fixed with a recognized adhesive or mechanical fastener. Metal fasteners are not allowed to expose protruding surfaces.

2. Notice the size and quantity of the construction personnel to open the hole in advance. After the completion of the whole project, the construction personnel will re-examine the situation and adjust the floor according to the situation.

3, pay attention to the raised floor is suspended on the ground, so it is also to the requirement of height is to have cultured, if the ground is higher then its bearing capacity will be smaller, if the distance from the ground is low, then up less than the effect of anti-static, so at the request of the height or know about the is better.