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Home decoration knowledge: Summer paving flooring needs to be compact.
- May 18, 2018 -

Due to the hot weather and the dry climate, renovation projects usually give people a sense of ease and ease. However, if there is any carelessness, it is prone to deformation of wood and lifting of the floor. Wall cracks, dry paint, fog, and other issues. Therefore, in the summer construction, the following situations must be especially noted:

To give a drink full of water

In the summer, because it is drier than usual, for materials such as floor tiles and ceramic tile that need to be treated with swelled water, the treatment time for the swelled water should be extended so that it is sufficiently close to saturation. In this way, it will not appear that when the adhesive is bonded to the cement due to the water absorption, the emptying and detachment occur.

When processing materials like gypsum, the setting time should be strictly controlled. Because in the high-temperature dry weather, the molding of the gypsum is more difficult to control, so the setting time should be strictly controlled so that it can reach the standard compressive tensile strength and coefficient.

Wall treatment to be clear

When dealing with interior walls, due to the hot weather in summer, special attention should be paid to the stability and adhesive strength and the initial dry crack resistance. The approach taken at this time is to carefully observe the details and make detailed time recordings before making comparisons.

Note the size of the thermal expansion and contraction

In the measurement and installation of plastic doors and windows, sliding doors, pay attention to thermal expansion and contraction in the size arrangement. Because steel is a material that is greatly affected by temperature, if it is too compact in size, it will have gaps and deformations due to lower temperatures in winter, so there should be a slight surplus in size.

Fitted with compact

When paving the floor, the gap should be arranged more closely than before to avoid the gap becoming larger when the temperature decreases and affecting the appearance. Floor and wall joints can be used to form transitions on the floor, this way, not only deal with the wall and floor gap is too large drawbacks, but also played a beautiful role.

In addition, the home improvement often encounters problems of slow drying and mildew in hot and humid weather. In this regard, the general approach of the decoration company is to open the air-conditioning dehumidifiers and draw away the moisture from the air; the furniture cabinet door is not closed and the ventilation is maintained. After the renovation, you will also encounter various problems that cannot spread out and affect people's health. The expert's suggestion is to put more green plants after the renovation, to use light and the role of removing odors, or put two or three lemons or oranges and bananas in the room, which can achieve fast deodorizing effect.

As for the cause of blackening on the balcony retaining wall, the main reason is that the outer wall is wet on the rainy day and the moisture slowly penetrates from outside the wall. After the oil seal on the retaining wall is blocked, the moisture cannot be distributed outwards, resulting in blackening and paint. The membrane is curled up, so it is necessary to do the back surface treatment by making the balcony a protective wall.