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Even if buy the hardback room, also cannot ignore the acceptance of wooden floor.
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Now many people in time would choose hardcover room, is the developer in all aspects for the owner, can direct the bag check in, so for the owner, is very convenient, save a lot of kung fu, do not need to decorate, experience annoying so very popular, but also in terms of acceptance clothbound room there is a lot of trouble, because need to acceptance of the place very much, today small make up spread to everyone, hardcover room small knowledge acceptance of the floor, hope you can help to you!

First, the apparent color difference needs attention.

Acceptance first depends on whether the color of the floor is consistent. If the color difference is too big, the direct influence is beautiful, can request the replacement; If the color is too consistent without chromatic aberration, see whether the pattern on the floor surface is the same; If the pattern is similar, it may be the art floor, not the so-called precious wood material floor. Now some solid mu fu joins a floor board material suppliers, adopts the general wood material, but in the surface layer of rare wood veneer to shoddy, opposite with aluminum foil is good, say to moistureproof, but afraid of being seen opposite pattern and positive is not the same.

Second, check to see if the floor makes a sound.

You can get back and forth on the floor when home inspection, steps should be increased, especially the parts against the wall and door parts pay more attention to, found that the part of the sound to repeat, determine the specific location of acoustic tags. In this case, you should be able to demand the removal of the restores. Where there is a sound, it is caused by the unqualified operation of the construction personnel during the construction process and the unqualified materials. The operation irregularity is mainly manifested in the fixation of the keel; Material disqualification is mainly reflected in the ground keel not drying. Other decorate construction unit to use unbaked ground keel construction, the surface looks to have dry mark, actually did not do.

Third, whether the floor has deformation.

Acceptance method is to use 2 meters long ruler, depend on the floor, the roughness should not be greater than 3 mm, smoke a few more measurements, if the qualified rate of above 80% is considered unqualified, the opposite is not qualified. Sometimes you'll also find local arch of the floor, for real wood floor shop may be due to too tight or too dry floor (moisture content is too low), but for solid mu fu joins a floor board, it must be poor quality of the floor. Remind consumer again, floor arch is serious quality problem.

Fourth, the floor has moth.

More commonly, because of the unprocessed keel, there is a moth in it. If found not in time, the floor has been decayed almost as soon as it is found. Gaps and scratches can be seen directly with the naked eye. But for floor scratches the country has clear rule: solid wood compound floor aperture should not be greater than 0.5mm; The scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration. If the wax method cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.