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Can the floor be paved if the ground is uneven?
- Mar 30, 2018 -

After a lot of clients in decorating a fast lane was told that the ground not level off shop floor in the home, make customers very headache, then what on earth would affect the roughness of the ground floor shop outfit effect? If the ground is not level, how should we solve it? The next step is to see how to level the ground and how to lay the floor.

A lot of the owner that has laid wooden floor may encounter this kind of circumstance, the master that laid the floor comes to your house but tell you to say "your place is uneven cannot shop". This is because if the ground is uneven, a long time after laying the floor will appear empty ring, rise up, the phenomenon such as ash, and these problems are not floor quality problem. So shifu usually will remind you, before paving the floor, must solve "ground uneven" problem.

On the floor board is the most afraid of the ground is uneven, how to distinguish?

We usually do carpet measurements with a two-meter stick. The cross direction measurements made in the same position, if in the feet of the lower part of the greater than 3 mm, even a 5 mm gap means uneven ground, already exceeds the shop of wooden floor, divide within 2 square meters more than 3 mm all belong to the ground.

Some people find 3 mm didn't matter much, if you put on the floor, as a result, the floor appears the empty ring, lock damage, the corner take ash, floor standing on feeling like a seesaw, this time lose big. The flooring company may not be responsible for any loss caused by the owner's forced construction.

So if it is to install floor, whether solid wood, strengthen or multilayer solid wood floor, ground early treatment is very important. In addition, if the ground is not strong enough, the foot can kick up the ash, which is what we often call the ash. It's annoying to clean up after you've installed the floor, and no matter how you clean the corner, you're going to be plastering the floor all the time. The pressure caused by people walking on the floor caused all the ashes to come out from the kicking and the corner of the wall, which was caused by the poor handling of the ground.

Now there are some guy's house is not very standard or is late in decorating a process caused by slot on the ground not level off, be sure to find skilled bricklayer for ground leveling, again can take the following several ways:

1: small area can be scraped with plaster.

If the floor of the pavement is particularly high for flatness, it must be treated with self-leveling, but the cost is higher. Suitable for surface leveling of geothermal floor. For general laminate flooring or solid wood composite products, small area can be uneven ground shave gypsum way to deal with, lowest cost, this method is the main cost of the work of the workers fee. A house cost 100 yuan or so commonly, you could just gypsum powder plus the cost of 801 glue is very cheap, and gypsum do particularly fast, do you can one day in advance, construction in dry season and even the day is fine, oil workers, bricklayer's, floor of the workers to do.

2: the larger area should be leveled with cement mortar.

Of large-area uneven can be handled in two ways: one is in advance with cement, want to do in advance, or cement dry opaque will leave the floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, affect the service life of the floor. This method is low cost and needs to be completed by the mud.

Another way is much simpler: direct use of matting treasure, matting treasure for the correction of the ground effect is very good, including the ground even slot after exposure to the line of the ground can handle perfectly, the key is to get maximum aggrandizement is compound the floor of the foot feels improvement, is not inferior to the foot feeling of real wood floor.