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Beginners buy the things that the floor is most likely to encounter.
- May 02, 2018 -

The spring decoration season of 2018 has come, and after hibernation for the whole winter, I believe that many of the friends who are ready to decorate have been unable to resist the ecstasy of the heart and begin to stir. So the question is, how to decorate a beautiful home in this different season? So when you're shopping for floors, you need to pay attention to what's easy to ignore.

As is known to all, wooden floor is the classic choice for the ground is decorated, but when the choose and buy will be undesirable businessman, the choose and buy less than on the floor, Green Home today, we take you to predict the future we choose the floor to avoid those routines.

The novice buys the floor to be wary of those things.

Shop around for the floor.

Choosing floor must visit multiple stores, materials comparison, some stores in order to prove how good the floor of the house, will provide the steel brush, I personally think is really practical, you can muster all his strength to brush, see whether there is apparent Nick, if no scratches, explain the board quality was pretty good. If not provided, you can use the key point hard to make a few strokes, there is obvious pit to say the floor is too soft, not wear-resisting, turn a few low.

2. Check whether the floor can be stitched together.

Floor splicing is a piece of buckle, do not need to use glue, have flat buckle and lock buckle two kinds of stitching way. Some brand floor lock has rubber strip, can better prevent water to flow from floor crevice. It seems that the latch technology is a foreign patented technology that needs to be paid to the patent, so the price will be more expensive.

3. Select the floor and ask if the package is installed.

Select the floor must ask the guide buy, whether pack installation, do not pack, the packing charge wants how much money, auxiliary material how calculate, auxiliary material and kick the price of line. The floor is calculated by the square metre, usually will send the buckle, but the buckle that gives is very general, big company can add money to buy better buckle. It is recommended to use a good button, and it will be better if it is made with the floor. Because the strips are used very frequently, if you use metal, you may lose your color as soon as possible.

When the friends are in the building material market, must pay attention to the buckle in the shop that USES the floor, the color is turned up edge floor empty drum, extremely ugly, and affect use and beautiful. The buckle of real wood floor basically is plastic, because real wood floor is heated expand cold shrink, use metal easy to deform, so use wood is good, strong and beautiful.

Plan to spread the floor warm, must choose the floor that USES floor heating specially.

If your home is in the north, want to spread ground warm, that must choose the floor that USES floor to warm. If be solid wood or solid wood compound floor, want to make 2 meters above board, can make the wood quality of big board is better, not easy to deform. The epidermis of the solid wood composite floor is a small piece of wood, which is cheap and is said to be popular abroad.

Last but it's also worth noting that, with the brand with product price floor, produced in different time, formaldehyde release a quantity are not the same, so we watch samples of floor in the building materials market, be sure to see the finished product wood floor, storage of finished product wood floor, formaldehyde has been volatile for a time, and the shop is in the spring and autumn season, because of the high temperature in summer, the northern winter heating, so better formaldehyde release, ventilated effect of get twice the result with half the effort.