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Bamboo. Solid wood. Compound floor. Which is good?
- Mar 17, 2018 -

The difference between bamboo floor, real wood floor and compound floor:

1, bamboo floor, bamboo sliced into, real wood is made of blocks of wood, the most environmental protection, composite, solid wood composite and aggrandizement is compound, solid wood composite surface is a layer of solid wood, aggrandizement is compound the floor is among, pressed together, and aggrandizement is compound is made from wood moulding after the break.

2, aggrandizement is compound the most durable, almost don't need to how to maintain, solid wood composite has solid wood feet feeling, but environmental protection is not good, the foot feels best, of real wood but also the most difficult to do, the price for solid wood is the most expensive, bamboo and wood composite center, aggrandizement is compound the cheapest, another more popular aggrandizement is compound the floor now.

3, bamboo floor style is fresh and elegant, the luster is light and gentle, the structure is chic and novel, the exterior is beautiful and delicate, have very good adornment effect, have the green characteristic that is non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free. The compound floor has neat texture, uniform color, strong strength, good elasticity, good foot feeling, and it also has the characteristics of wear-resisting, flame retardant, moisture-proof, antistatic and anti-slip, pressure resistant and easy to clean. The real wood floor has no pollution, the pattern is natural, elegant should be heavy, rich qualitative feeling, flexibility is real and so on the advantage, it is the first choice material that the floor laid in the home decoration at present. But the dry requirement of real wood floor is higher, unfavorable in the place that humidity changes a big place to use, otherwise easy to produce distension, shrinkage deformation.